The arresting purity of Holly Pyle’s voice captures listeners immediately, but her most striking quality is her intrinsic appreciation of, and seamless blending with, her musical environment. Holly’s inspiration lies inside the music she performs: a true artist who uses the colors of her voice to paint the hues of her life into her music; revealing her unaffected, unassuming, and utterly mesmerizing self.

Holly is buzzing the valley with her latest concoction of disparate music influences. Known locally as a masterful vocalist with a wide range and palette, Holly started out as an opera major at Northern Arizona University, quickly shifting to jazz and psychology during her studies. She explored psychology-related careers after graduating but quit her job in November 2014 to dive into music full-time. Since then Holly has cultivated her own progressive soul pop sound, releasing two albums and giving almost 600 performances. Her band House of Stairs appears regularly in Phoenix and also occasionally around the state and Colorado, New Mexico, and California. In addition to moonlighting with several acts from hip-hop to country to jazz, Holly regularly performs as a solo a-cappella act using electronic looping to sample and recombine her voice into an ever-changing choir of Hollys.